Sluneční hodiny
The sundial is the oldest known device for the measurement of time and the most ancient of scientific instruments. It is based on the fact that the shadow of an object will move from one side of the object to the other as the sun "moves" from east to west during the day.

Let´s go looking for Sundials

In The Czech Republik are several thousand of sundials. Since 2006 I have been collecting Sundial´s fotographs.
In year 2008 I had trip to see sundials in Poland and I want to visit Sundials Museum in Jedrzejów where is large collection of sundials.
In muzeum in Opava I found very interesting portable equatorial sundial of the type invented in Augsburg.

Do you want to make sundials?

My first attempt at the garden and on the wall. The best step to start make sundial is try to costruct any.

Interesting software

Orologi Solari - Description and user manual in Czech are here.

Sonne - Description and user manual in Czech are here.

Sun - Description and user manual in Czech are here.

Astronomical society in Hradec Kralove - Sundials working group


In Czech has been sundials friends society formed. The working group has been working since 2007 and it is covered by Astronomical society in Hradec Králové.

Astronomical society in Hradec Kralove:
Sundials Working group: (Czech only)
Catalog of sundials in Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Slovakia:


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